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New, Better, Different 


180 Day Spill Warranty

($300 value)

Free Bottle Of Spotter ($13 value)

The Best Value 

For Your Money

Break up your total bill 0% Financing If Needed

Local, Family Owned & Operated, Small Business

*****"Wonderful Customer Service but Even More Impressive was their ability to make our carpet look New Again!"***** Presley 5 star Google Review

Air Duct cleaning & filter

Air Duct Cleaning

Remove the dirt and dust from your ducts that is making it hard to breath
Mature Woman
Knitted Rug

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

You Save Time! Maintain your floors, Avoid replacing.

Deep Carpet Cleaning 

You get the best because we use The New Revolutionary KO Scrub & not a wand.

Wool & Synthetic Rug Cleaning

Area Rugs & Oriental Rugs
Industrial Vacuum
Sleeping Like a Baby
The Restaurant
A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Tile Cleaning

Enjoy Your Restaurant, Kitchen, & More, Disinfected & Sanitized.

Furniture & Mattress Cleaning

You Sleep Good on a clean bed tonight!

Concrete Cleaning

Great for Stores, Restaurants, Salons, with Concrete Floors. 

Say Good-Bye to

  • Red Spots

  • Wine Spills

  • Kool-aid  

  • Pet Odors

  • Marijuana Odor

  • Tobacco Odor

Safest for your Family

Enjoy Organic!

We are chemical-free. Plant-Based, Non-toxic, Soap Free. We don't use some organic products and then add chemicals, we are 100% organic. You want the safest for your family and organic is the safest. If you are chemically sensitive, battle cancer, pregnant, have a new baby, have kids, or pets you will enjoy the Organic Cleaning Products we use because they have no added fragrance, no perfumes, no odor, or scent. Our products don't leave a sticky residue just luxury softness. Enjoy the fresh clean feel, like after a rainstorm.

Deep Clean!

Dramatically Better, the deepest clean! Get back to normal life quickly. Experience the deepest clean because we don't use the wand that manually moves forward and back. We exclusively use the patented KO Scrub machine that scrubs 960 passes per minute. Leaving your floor vibrant, bouncy, revived, drier, and "like new".

Foggy Forest

Safest For the Environment We Are Electric!

Eco friendly and environmentally safe. We only use the newest technology.  We are proud that we use no dirty gas with each cleaning. We are proud to be electric! It leaves no carbon footprint.   

Best Carpet Cleaner Near Me

We offer a quality service because we care. We care about the results we offer. We take the time even extra time if needed to get spots and spills out. 

Experience Only the Right Way To Clean

  • We restore to "like new" not just clean it.

  • Enjoy Deep Clean that Dries Fast so you can get back to normal life quickly.

  • Enjoy the newest patented technology, 67% more dirt is removed vs the wand.

  • We are protecting your environment with Patented electric equipment that leaves a low carbon footprint. 

  • You breathe clean air easily now because we remove your allergy triggers.

  • We are organic the safest way to clean so your pets and kids play on the floor safely without chemical reactions. 


  • If you are pregnant, have chemical sensitivities, are a cancer survivor, battle cancer, or have underlying health issues we are organic.


  • Enjoy Easy Pay budgeting when the unexpected happens and you immediately need a clean, healthy home.


  • We block the winter air so your furnace doesn't keep running.

  • Happy Holidays from our family to yours Enjoy a FREE Bottle Of Spot Remover ($13 value)


Did you know The Average Indoor Carpet, Flooring, & Furniture is 4000X Dirtier than a toilet seat?

It is important to clean your flooring & furniture to remove spots, spills, and dirt but there is more to cleaning than what you see.

1 pound of soil can easily hide in a square foot of carpeting. While that's gross enough, the real problem is that those flakes become dinner for dust mites, and dust mite waste is one of the most common causes of indoor allergies.


You don't want to neglect your flooring because, "microbiology research published in 2001 found an average indoor carpet to be about 4,000X dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. (Gross)


Men's Health Report states: "It is so important that your cleaning flushes, sucks, disinfects, & sanitizes."


The solution is simple.

Clean your carpets the Right Way 2X a year but at least 1 time a year. It is so important to your health and indoor air to clean your carpet and flooring the right way on a regular basis. (Call About Regular Maintenance & SAVE Big!) 


Tip: Vacuum every day or at least 4x a week. Keep your carpet dry (so if you spill clean it up and don't let your flooring be wet for days) because dust mites double in size and multiply when the humidity is high.


There is Only 1 Right way to clean! That's King Organic Clean.


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