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What Makes Us Different

 Everything we do works together, Every step plays a critical role in completely eliminating your spots, dirt, allergens, odors, & minor pet mishaps.

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Ultra Healthiest Cleaning For Your Kids & Pets

We are committed to your health & well-being: No chemicals & No additives. Because Chemical exposures, however small, could lead to cancer, headaches, anxiety, nose bleeds, & skin rashes. We use only 100% organic, all-natural, safe, non-toxic, plant-based & food-grade ingredients to protect you, your family, & pets.

Organic cleaning products are often the only option that doesn't trigger an allergic reaction or cause other health concerns. They can also reduce inflammation and irritation from skin contact with harsh chemicals. 

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We "Turbo Power" Pre-vacuum Everything, edges included

Unfortunately, standard vacuums have limited power & suction. Standard vacuums are only able to remove surface dirt. That's where our commercial-grade Turbo Vacuuming comes in. Specifically designed to outperform average vacuums, these robust machines are built to handle heavy use. Offering unparalleled suction power, motor power, and cleaning capacity. They are in a league of their own. 


For optimal results, we recommend prioritizing Turbo vacuuming before applying a pre-treatment to carpets. Exciting studies have revealed that our commercial-grade Turbo Vacuum goes above and beyond, leaving carpets an impressive 42% cleaner. It eliminates even the finest dirt that tends to get left behind by standard vacuums. Experience the difference for yourself! You won't regret it! 

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Why We Power-Treat Everything 

Power treatment: the crucial step often overlooked in the industry. Just like scrubbing a dirty dish begins with breaking down dirt, power-treating your carpet, furniture, flooring, and fabrics is an unskippable cleaning step. Have you ever pondered the consequences of cutting short the time cleaning products need to work their magic? Cleaning agents require sufficient time to effectively break down stubborn dirt and grime. That's why we trust our fast-acting and chemical-free, 100% organic cleaner. Experience the little magic of our Power-treatment as it banishes oils and tough dirt from every strand of your carpet before scrubbing starts.

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Insured, Certified, & Professional Team

Our carpet and floor cleaning team is made up of licensed, certified, professionals with extensive experience in the industry. With years of expertise, they know how to get the job done right while protecting your carpet, and furniture, from further damage. Our teams use a variety of techniques to ensure deep

cleanings with "like-new" results.

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Long Lasting Clean & Residue Free

Our 10X cleaning system effectively eliminates prior cleaning residues and removes toxic off-gassing chemicals in NEW carpets.


Without relying on soaps or shampoos. Unlike other systems, ours leaves NO sticky residue & NO unpleasant crunch & Yes our cleaning resists dirt attraction/ dirt accumulation. Experience the luxury of soft, thoroughly cleansed carpets, furniture, & mattresses that stay fresh longer. 


Don't wait - treat your senses to the revitalizing cleanliness and unscented scent of our 10X organic system.

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Extend It's Life: We Save You Money & You Save Your Warranty

Our Cleaning will protect your warranty and not void your warranty. Using too hot of water, using shampoo & chemicals on smart stand in particular can void   your waraantee. works like sandpaper on your carpet, furniture, and floors. It scratches, tears, and slowly destroys the fibers. Depending on foot traffic, & spills, -once a year is recommended for success. Ask about Yearly discounts. Save thousands in replacement costs by letting us remove the damaging dirt. Our 10X carpet and floor cleaning services provide deep, effective cleaning that removes the dirt and grime not just push it around. Leaving your carpets, furniture, floors, & air ducts cleaner than ever before. Saving you replacement costs.

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"The Organic Difference: Why We Swear By It"

  • Our Proprietary organic products & system work better than any chemical cleaning. 


  • Combing our 10X system, techniques, & equipment all work together to get you superior results. 


  • A Clean Home is so important for your Health. Breathe Easier Today! We know you have never had a better cleaning Before.


  • Do you know that our 10X organic cleaning system is a lifesaver for people with chemical sensitivities, autoimmune issues, fragrance allergies, asthma, or those undergoing cancer treatment, expecting moms, families with young kids, and family pets, too? Our System can change your life because Now you can have a Truly Healthy Home without chemicals.


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Why The Terminator Powerhouse: The Spotless Solution

Introducing the Terminator Powerhouse, the New & unparalleled innovation. This state-of-the-art Powerhouse harnesses highly efficient technology, utilizing hot water for optimal performance. It restores even the most heavily soiled and matted high-traffic areas, successfully removing deep-down dirt. With innovative non-traditional cleaning techniques, we offer a unique service that surpasses all your expectations. Say goodbye to old-school wands ⁠— experience the future of cleaning with us!

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"Go Green: Eco-Friendly, Electric & Environmentally Healthy Technology"

Immerse yourself in a whole new dimension of clean as you unlock the power of our innovative approach. Prepare for a cleaning revolution that goes beyond the ordinary and embraces a greener tomorrow. With Electric, experience unparalleled results, powered by new green energy that's both kind to the planet and eco-friendly. Our patented technology, akin to the mighty Tesla, delivers a knockout punch in carpet, floor, and air-duct cleaning, while reducing carbon pollution. Welcome to the thrilling era of electric cleaning technology - the future is here!

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Odor-Free and Chemical-Free! Disinfected, Sanitized, & No More Unpleasant Smells!

Unlike other brands, We remove unpleasant odors not mask them with a pretty fragrance smell. We refuse to mix or add harmful chemicals to our organic ingredients. Our exquisite line of organic cleaning products disinfects, sanitize & deodorize has no added fragrances, perfumes, or odors, making them completely odor-free chemical-free. No chemical deodorizers or chemical sanitizers are needed! 

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Dry In Hours Not Days

Your hardwood floors, carpet, and furniture will be flawlessly clean and ready to use in no time! They'll be slightly damp to the touch, but you can step on them right away with a fresh pair of socks. Our clients typically experience dry times ranging from 2-6 hours, based on the circumstances. This means you can quickly resume your daily routine without any delay.

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Spot & Spill Shield So Nothing Stains

Introducing our new line of Shield Barrier for your carpet, furniture, and mattress! Effortlessly defend against liquids and accidental spills while safeguarding fibers from wear and tear caused by everyday use. Experience the ultimate peace of mind with our high-quality Shield so nothing stains.


Every Room Money Back Guarantee

Freshly Completed Cleanings!

Cleaning Systems Done-For-You by the BEST in the Business! You'll wish you used us sooner! 


Our Why

We clean to create a clean slate and a fresh start for people. We acknowledge and value the trust homeowners have bestowed upon us in caring for their sacred dwelling spaces. We are committed to the ultra-healthiest, safest organic alternatives. We clean to protect the health of our clients, our employees, and the planet. We prize quality over quantity and measure our success by the excellence of your results with our 10X organic cleaning system. Our mission is to foster healthy environments that inspire people to be the Healthiest version of themselves. Join us in the pursuit of creating healthy, fresh, clean spaces that nurture the soul and enhance the quality of your life, the health of your family, and the health of your family pets.

Comfortably at Home

What We Do For You

We eliminate not just the visible surface dirt, but also the buried grime to leave your home refreshingly clean and your indoor environment optimally ultra-healthy. Our mission is to revolutionize the cleaning industry, one home at a time, as we transform your living space into a sanctuary of pristine purity.

How We Clean Changes Everything

We don't just deliver you desired results, but even those you thought were unimaginable. By combining our organic cleaning products and the latest transforming powerhouse technology, we offer distinguished and unique results through our 10x Cleaning system - making your floors look brand new.


We don't just mask unpleasant orders, we eliminate odors entirely - no chemical deodorizing fragrance, & no sanitizing chemical is required. Our exceptional service leaves your indoor air exceptionally fresh, odor-free, and tough spots and spills are gone forever.

What We Clean

We 10X Organic Clean: 
  • Furniture
  • Air ducts
  • Wool rugs 
  • Hardwood floors
  • Wool carpet
  • All Size Mattresses
  • Residential homes,
  • Commercial offices, 
  • Mansions,
  • Homes 10,000+ square foot 
  • Homes under 5000+sq foot 
  • Average size homes
  • High Rises
  • Airbnb
  • Rentals 
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • we clean for realtors,
  • new purchase homes,
  • moveouts, 

Make your home even cleaner

Our additional 10X services are 100% organic. We make your home look and feel like new.

What Our Clients Say


Samatha Secular, Google 5 stars

"This was a Great Experience!  have chemical sensitivities and I did not react at all to how the carpet was cleaned. Additionally, he was able to get red stains out of my carpet with no trouble! Highly recommended."
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