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Safest for your Family

100% Organic 

100% Clean

We Only Clean Organic!

We are Chemical-Free. Plant-Based, Non-toxic, Soap Free.  We don't use some organic products and then add chemicals, we are 100% organic. You want the safest for you and your family, you want 100% organic.


If you are chemically sensitive, battling cancer, pregnant, have a new baby, have kids, pets, or birds you will enjoy the Organic Cleaning Products we use because they have no added fragrance, no perfumes, no odor, or scent. 


Our products don't leave a sticky residue just luxury softness. Enjoy the fresh clean feel.

Happy Twins

*****This was a Great Experience! I have chemical sensitivities and I did not react at all to how the carpet was cleaned. Additionally, he was able to get red stains out of my carpet with no trouble! Highly recommended***** Samatha Secular 5 Stars Google

Before/After King Organic

Dries Fast

Deep Clean, Like New!

 Dramatically Better, you only get the deepest clean! Just by us pre-vacuuming, your carpet is 42% cleaner. Your cleaning dries fast so you are able to get back to normal life quickly.


We Restore it with our deepest clean. We don't use the wand that manually moves forward and back. We exclusively use the patented KO Suction that scrubs 960 passes per minute. Leaving your floor vibrant, bouncy, revived, drier, and "like new".

*****Wonderful job - deep cleaning vacuum was super - came on time for the estimate and the service - will definitely have them again!***** Melinda Reichal (Monument Co) 5 Stars Google

Air Duct Cleaning- King Organic

Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

Breath easier and ease your allergies when you have us clean and organically sanitize your furnace and air ducts.

Dust, hair, lint, construction debris, food, etc gets built up in your air ducts in just a few short years. Imagine what is in your ducts when it's been 5 plus years and more. Many homes have never had there air handling system cleaned.


Your furnace will operate much better while reducing operating cost. Saving you money. 

Safest For the Environment

Eco Friendly

We Are Electric!

Eco friendly and environmentally safe. We only use new, patented technology.  


We are proud that we don't use any dirty gas with each cleaning.  We are proud to be electric! It leaves no carbon footprint.   


You Save Energy! It's a perk! Now you can keep the main entrance doors to your home closed during your cleaning. Your Furnace won't continue to run, You keep the cold air out during the winter months. Your AC doesn't constantly run in the hot summer, you keep the cool air in and the bugs out when we clean.

The Best Carpet Cleaner Near Me 

The Best Value for Quality Service 

180-day Warranty

Our Customers say "You get excellent value for your money".  The only service with a Full 180 Day Warranty.


Rated #1, The Best Floor Cleaning Company in 2020-2021.  Read our full Google Reviews here at Google Rating of 5.0 stars! 


We guarantee you will love your cleaning because we care about your results. We take the time even extra time if needed to get your spots and spills out. 


Add protection to your clean and enjoy the Stain-Resistant 180 Day Warranty on spills. If you can't get the spot out with our spotter we will come and clean it for FREE ($300.00 Value) 

  • Enjoy Ezy Pay because no matter your situation you can now afford the cleanest home or office that is healthy, organic, & long-lasting. 


  • Ezy Pay breaks up your payments with 0% financing & no credit check. (Call For Details). 

  • Your Purchase is a lot bigger than it seems. We Donate 10% to the community to support women after an infant or child death. 

  • 97% of Our Clients Recommend Us to their Family & Friends.

  • 5 Star Google Rating 

What's The Big Deal?

Chemical Free, So What!

You may be one of those people who has chemical sensitivities and you don't know it yet.  Why risk it!


Science Proves that carpet cleaning chemicals are dangerously toxic because they are proven to cause cancer, asthma, birth defects, & health issues.


New Carpet is "clean" you would think, but it off-gasses, leaches chemicals for 3+ years from manufactured chemicals unless you correctly clean it organically.


Carpet, flooring, and furniture cleaning chemicals are too aggressive and known to damage your flooring, furniture, and poison the air you breathe for weeks. 


For Your Health and Safety, you exclusively get only the safest organic cleaning solutions using us because it matters to you, your kids, and your family pet's health and safety.

Reviews From Our Customers

5 Star Google Rating in Parker CO, Monument CO, & Colorado

"Shane (King Organic Clean)did a great job on our carpets! I was surprised at how many stains they were able to remove. We have a dog +kids and they are hard on our surfaces. Going organic was important to me so I tried King(King Organic Clean). Shane was professional and worked hard all day on our entire home, including the grout and tile. I found him very easy to do business with and delivered on his promises.

Susanne Kraus *****5 Star

Google Review, 

 -Parker, CO.   

After Carpet Cleaning Photo by King Orga

Quality Service + Quick Dry Time + No Residue To Attract Dirt = Long Lasting Deep Clean

Wooden Floor

“King Organic Clean is Fantastic. The best cleaning I have ever gotten.  My hardwood floors look brand new.  I have allergies and when I returned home I was able to breathe freely if you have asthma you'll understand. Thanks for a Fantastic Job. I will use you again. ”

5 Star Google Review 

-Dara and James Levine Parker, CO

Local, Small, Family Owned & Operated So You Know Who is Coming to your home.