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2 Rooms & Hall starting @ $99

Discover The New, Healthiest, 100% Organic Cleaning System!
It's Unique, Superior, & Guarantees You Exceptional Results!

The Best cleaning decision you'll never regret! -Try it now and see the difference for yourself.


How Your Cleaning stands out from the rest

1 / Turboclean Vacuum System

You get The Patented Turbo Vacuum System because it removes 42% more dirt than the regular vacuum. The Turbo Commercial vacuum system has strong suction, and extra power to effectively remove trapped dirt, allergens, and hair, that regular vacuums leave behind. Edging and traffic areas included.

2 / Propietary Alkaline Energized Treatment

You get the proprietary Alkaline Treatment because it helps remove difficult stains like blood, chocolate, and wine.

3 / 100% Organic Cleaning Treatment

You get our proprietary 100% Organic, Heathiest cleaning product Treatment that has No Chemicals, No Solvents, No VOCs, No PFA's, is Plant-based, Food grade, Odorless, Fragrance-free, Soap-free, Detergent-free, Healthy for the Chemical Sensitive, Healthiest for birds, pets, kids, babies & Leave No Residue.

4 / The Patented Powerhouse System

You get The Exceptional Powerhouse System using hot water/ steam. This system scrubs, flushes, lifts, rinses, extracts water, and restores to "Like New." Unlike the wand, No wand cannot compete with the Electric Powerhouse System.

5 / Spot & Spill Treatment w/ 12 Month Spill Shield Warranty

This Treatment shields spots and spills from staining your carpet, rugs, and furniture. Cleanup is easy. Includes 1 free bottle of King Organic Clean Spotter. If you spill and can't get it out we will remove the spill under our 12-month spill shield warranty. 

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 transform your Home
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