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Are you tired of searching for the perfect carpet and furniture cleaning company? Look no further!  Here's how to choose the right one and avoid all the hassle!  Do you want superior results, and all spots & spills removed then you first need to let us, King Organic Clean Turbo pre-vacuum. Just us pre-vacuuming removes 42% more dirt than if you don't let us Turbo Vacuum. Call us, King Organic Clean to get superior results. 720-529-0804 


We measure our success by the quality of our work not the number of jobs completed in a day. 

Experience unbeatable King Organic cleaning today! With fast dry times and effective elimination of spots, spills, odors, and allergens, our organic, eco-friendly 10X Deep Clean System will transform your indoor air to like-new conditions with no residue left behind. Book now at or call 720-529-0804!

How to choose the right carpet, and furniture cleaning 

The right carpet and furniture cleaning company should always strive to provide a superior level of customer service, with experienced staff who have the knowledge and skill to effectively meet your needs. At King Organic Clean, we take pride in our work and want you to be fully satisfied with the results. We use only non-toxic organic products that are safe

How do you Delivery Exception Value 

We are 100% organic. We don't use a wand. We use the powerhouse and the 10x system. When we combine everything we create exceptional value for you. You get spots/spills forever removed. Odors are gone, Long lasting clean Because Our 10x cleaning is able to restore and revive your flooring and furniture to Like New 

will my carpet take days to dry after you clean it?

Should my carpet take days to dry after I clean my carpet and furniture? Now you can return to normalcy in no time. Our clients have experienced dry times as short as 2 hours and as long as 6 hours, subject to varying circumstances such as winter or summer temperatures and morning versus evening cleanings. Call King Organic Clean at


or Book Online at

Get back to normal life quickly. Our clients report dry times as fast as 2 hours. And other clients have reported as long as 6 hours. It all depends on the situation and different factors.  Winter or summer temperatures could affect dry times, Morning vs evening cleaning.

What is you spot and spill success rate. 

We have an Outstanding 99% success rate of getting spots and spills out. We have gotten challenging spots and spills like coffee, mascara, vomit, and red wine out of white carpet. Because spills can stain In rare cases we can't always get stains out but Additional measures may be required but stains can be removed.

How fast can I walk on the carpet /flooring

You can walk on your carpet/ flooring immediately. We recommend wearing a clean pair of socks.  The carpet is slightly damp and nearly dry and won't soak your socks. Rugs and wood floors are the same, walking with clean socks is perfectly safe. 

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Yes, you can always find it cheaper. Carpet cleaing is not a comodity. You want reslts you want it tuely clean. Equipment, products, tiem Carpet cleaners charge all different prices. Low prices may be tempting but when they leave spots behind, leave dirt behind, the carpet is crunchy and the chemicals they use make you sick. You wind up paying more and even extra. Please don't pay twice. We have gone to fix and reclean the problems many cleaning companies leave behind. 

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Yes, we guarantee your cleaning experience. Backed by our 30-day love-it guarantee. For any reason call us, if needed will reclean it. We guarantee no spots or spills will return. Odors are gone. No crunchy residues. You want to love your home and the environment you live in. Clean carpet, clean flooring, clean furniture, clean mattresses, and clean air ducts feel empowering. 

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No, There are so many bate and switches. You can always find a low-priced carpet cleaner on every corner. Ads for 99 dollars for a whole house. They always have a sale 35% off the regular price, it's a sales tactic. Sadly starting a carpet cleaning business is an easy business to start but many companies skip corners and lack education. don't guarantee what they say. They charge low and get in your door and charge for this and that and before you know it you are paying premium prices for low-quality work.

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