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  • Your carpet is 42% cleaner when we Pre-Vacuum. Certain soils must be removed dry, or they won't come out wet.


  • We spray ALL Your carpet with organic treatment, not just spots!


  • We treat spots and spills with additional attention and care. 


  • We Scrub ALL areas of your carpet because it loosens up the remaining dirt off each carpet strand. Just like a dirty pan, you have to scrub it to get it clean!

  • We Scrub and Flush Your carpet with The Revolutionary patented KO Flush! This will flush out the dirt with 960 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute. It leaves your carpet cleaner and dryer than a wand. It restores matted carpet to "like new" and removes tough stains and dirt that a wand leaves behind!


  • We Don't blast your carpet with water. The KO scrub has 6 vacuum slots vs a wand that has only 1 vacuum slot. Enjoy getting back to normal life quickly! Your carpet is dry in about 4 hours, not days!

  • We are 100% Electric! It is the newest technology and the most eco-friendly way to clean! It leaves a low carbon footprint on the environment. 


  • We use only Exclusive, 100% Organic cleaners because there is nothing safer for you and your family.

There Is OnlyRight Way To Clean Carpet!

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