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There Is OnlyRight Way To Clean

Welcome To
King Organic Clean

Thank you for supporting our local and family-owned company. We are not a big chain company. We take pride in our work.  We give you the best value for your money.


We use the newest, patented, tools so you can get the best cleaning. 

Our goal is to make you a client for life! 

We stand behind our cleanings.

All our cleanings are 100% Safe, and 100% Organic, leaving it 100% Clean.


We, at King Organic Clean, clean your carpets, flooring, and furniture in the safest, cleanest way to help improve the health and air quality within your home.


We love meeting new people and producing results that bring real smiles. 

It gives us comfort to know that your children and pets can freely play on your carpets and flooring and not get sick from the chemicals.


You don't have to worry about your carpets, flooring, or furniture becoming worn or damaged from the use of chemicals because we are organic. 


Because we have 25+ years of experience and education in the cleaning industry you get the best results.


We have made Colorado our home and we enjoy giving back to people in the community. Your cleaning makes a difference. We donate 10% to charity to strengthen those that suffer. Thank you!


The benefits to you, to your family, and the environment is what makes it worth it all —we know you will think so too! 


We invite you to Discover The New, Better, Different Way To Clean!
Enjoy back to "normal life" fast because you can walk on flooring within hours not days. 
Kills germs, bacteria, & viruses while remaining safe for you & your pets.
Enjoy clean freshness, No smelly chemical odors.
Enjoy flooring that stays clean longer becaue we don't use soaps, detergents or chemicals.

Our Quality Service Guarantee

We Guarantee that We Clean Your Flooring, Carpet, and Furniture the Right Way!

You will love the way it looks, We Guarantee It!

King Organic Clean cleaning carpet using

“King Organic Clean did an excellent job! No chemical odor just smelled clean. I have never had such a great cleaning before. I am so impressed. By far the best cleaning I have ever gotten. 

Thanks for an Excellent Job. I will use you again. ”

*****Josh and Kathy Clark***** 

5 Star Parker, Co

***** “Flooring Looks New!!" The carpet looks amazing! Thank you, King Organic Clean" ***** 

Tylor Thomas Parker, Colorado

Before_ After of King Organic Clean usin
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