Discover the side effects that no one talks about...... 

Why Organic Matters

Discover the safest solution to carpet cleaning that is safe for babies, pregnancy, 

NICU babies, Cancer patients, Asthma, Allergies, growing kids, pets, & You! 

The Average Indoor carpet is 4000X dirtier than a toilet seat.

1 pound of soil can easily hide in a square foot of carpeting. While that's gross enough, the real problem is that those flakes become dinner for dust mites, and dust mite waste is one of the most common causes of indoor allergies.


The Solution: Clean your carpets 2 X a year.  Vacuum every day or at least 4x a week. Keep your carpet dry because dust mites double in size and multiply when the humidity is high.

Indeed, microbiology research published in 2001 found an average indoor carpet to be about 4,000 X dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch,


Men's Health report states: It is so important that your cleaning flushes, sucks, disinfects, & sanitizes.


Our ultimate 5 step process that we provide is the best way to clean.

  • A safe carpet for babies is a clean carpet that has been organically cleaned and not cleaned by chemical carpet cleaners.


  • Everything "New" is not safe for you to breathe for 3+years unless it is thoroughly organically cleaned. Vacuuming is not enough. "New" carpet, hard floors, tile, even your new car carpet, and off-gas cancerous VOC chemicals from manufacturing. 


  • It's a fact, that the CDC shockingly discovered that tile, hard floors, carpet, pet spot, and surface cleaning chemical ingredients cause life-threatening cancer, asthma, and other serious health problems! 

  • The EPA's research-backed studies are eye-popping. It's outrageous to even imagine your home may be 2X to 5X more toxic than outdoors because of chemical cleaners.

Are you aware that "Green" is still chemicals linked to cancer and health issues.

Tell me "Why" are carpet cleaners getting cancer if chemicals are so safe? 

It's tested and proven that using Chemicals pollute your indoor air. There are no regulations or requirements for labeling a product.


It was tested that a company had 113 chemicals in their product but only 13 were labeled and over 51 were cancer-causing.


Chemicals weaken our immune systems, leave us vulnerable to diseases and invade our bodies to react in ways we thought couldn't. 


If you cough after spraying a chemical that chemical is irritating your lungs. Tinny particles swell your airway, lungs, and land on your furniture, carpets, & circulates through your air ducts and homes air.  


If you are pregnant, expecting a baby, have a NICU baby, have growing kids, pets, sensitive to perfumes, have allergies, fighting cancer, then ditching the chemicals is critical to your health.

It's Jaw -dropping

It's ok to freak out when you...

  • Imagine your precious pets and kids rolling, playing or walking on the floor, exposing themselves to brand new carpet & furniture that releases toxic fumes for 3+ years from manufacturing (organic cleaning removes it.).

  • Or laying on the carpet that previous carpet cleaners left behind & sprayed down by chemical carpet cleaning products like deodorizer, sanitizer, protectant.

Why risk getting cancer in your future by using "green" that are still chemicals but safer cleaners or using tile, hard floor, carpet, surface cleaning chemicals that are dangerously proven unsafe, toxic. This includes Spot Shot and Resolve that can set a spot & make colors permanent. (ask us, we have an organic spotter).

Avoid The Toxic Fumes

Toxic fumes(off-gas), principally naphthalene (cancer-causing carcinogen), are especially dangerous to children who play on the floor.  


  • Science proves the majority of poison exposures is to pets and children under the age of  6.

  • This exposure comes directly from tile, hard floor surfaces,  carpet and upholstery cleaners chemicals.

  • These fumes can cause kidney and liver damage and cancer.  

  • Again, why risk getting cancer or serious health damage in your future or your pets or children's future.

  • Ditch the chemicals!

Lets Prevent Cancer

Have you heard the term deodorizer or air freshener? They surprisingly mask odors and make your home smell good for a few hours but the poison is left for weeks, maybe longer.  They are full of cancerous fragrances and perfumes. Many carpet cleaning companies up charge deodorizer, it is a huge $$$$ maker.  


  • Science proves these toxins can include naphthalene, terpenes, and dichlorobenzene, phthalates, among others.


  • They are shown to reduce your lung function, cause asthma and possibly give you cancer.

Let's Make Your Home 100% Safe, Non-Toxic 

Stop Using sanitizer (Antibacterial) cleaners.

  • When we, King Organic clean, sanitizers are not needed.  High hot water temperatures and King organic products naturally sanitize, disinfect.


  • Chemical sanitizers contain triclosan, a chemical that may increase your resistance of some bacteria to antibiotics. This puts you at risk for sickness. 


  • Sanitizing air fresheners contain chemicals that react with the ozone to create formaldehyde, a carcinogen, and respiratory lung irritant. 


Are you ready to stop cancer and other serious health issues from invading your smallest pets, your kids, & your home?

  • There is an extremely 100% safe alternative to these dangerous toxins being used in carpet cleaning to clean your homes tile, carpet, wood floor, mattress, pet issues, furniture, and surfaces. The answer is King Organic Clean. 


  • You can responsibly ditch the tile, hard floor, pet spot, "GREEN" chemical carpet cleaning companies and make the switch to “organic”. 


  • Our Exclusive zero residue, organic product solution is 100% safe, environmentally friendly, and made from salts, plants, and vegetables (which makes them hypoallergenic, non-toxic, & fragrance-free).


  • These safer solutions clean with the same power of chemicals without harming anyone. 


  • You'll agree, it's never fun to be sick! You can now prevent chemical sickness in your home.  You can give your pets and kids the Safest, Healthiest, Organic Cleaning, so they don't get sick.


  • You can now boost your health. Kill the germs, Zap the bacteria, and Kill the dust mite bugs in your mattresses, tile, hard floor, carpet. 


  • You get the same powerful proven results as chemicals but get the safest organic cleaning using King Organic Clean.


  • ​​Never again worry about chemical reactions or chemical sensitivity or allergic reactions from chemical use.


  • You can stop your exposer to chemicals. We, King Organic don't mix chemicals in our organic products, and we don't spray or cross-contaminate our organic cleaners.

Science research states your indoor air is 5x worse than outside air.

How Dirty Is Your Air?
Science research states your indoor air is 5x worse than outside air.


  • You can change that research. Because chemicals are the root.


  • When you ditch the chemicals, Discover how fresh your air feels going Organic!


  • Because we, King Organic, thoroughly, organically clean, you now breathe fresh clean air in your home now. 


Breathe easier now because you will. 


  • Because dirty tile, carpet, furniture, hard floors, air vents, and air ducts, recirculate dust, dirt, and chemicals again and again into the air you breathe. Your organic cleaning system will destroy all the circulating dirt.


  • As you know, your carpet and furniture is a huge air filter for your home. The air you breathe in your home feels fresh after your cleaning.

Your Home Smells Amazing and Fresh After King Organic Cleans.


Imagine a heavy rainstorm, it naturally washes away spills, debris, pet poop, stinky odors, etc leaving a clean slate as the sun peaks though the dark grey clouds.


  • Just like a rainstorm we are able to wash prior chemicals, stop and kill the spread of germs.

  • We Zap the bacteria and Kill your dust bugs.  

  • Your thorough, organic cleaning makes your home smell fresh like after a rainstorm.


“I now will clean my home on a yearly basis. Went to long. Amazing cleaning! I have allergies and my home is now so enjoyable to live in. Cleaned everything.” 

—  Emily, Allergy Sufferer



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