Discover The Beauty Of  Organic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Would you like to save yourself the frustrating, annoying, hassle, of tile and grout cleaning?  

  • Imagine saving your knees and arms the pain of scrubbing for hours. 


  • When you let us do the back-breaking hard, dirty work your knees, back, hands, will love you.


  • Enjoy letting us do the back-breaking work for you! 

Enjoy the new generation of clean tile & grout that gets you amazing grout results this summer. 

Why Limit Yourself To A Mop?

Leave Your Organic Tile & Grout Cleaning For King Organic to Clean: because EPA research proves using chemicals, and to leave behind dust nasties, trigger allergies, and make your homes air 2x to 5x more polluted than outdoors. 


  • Imagine scrubbing your grout and mopping your tile floor.


  • Each time you mop, you spread the dirt around.


  • Now, your mop only grabs the dirt that sticks to your mop.


  • Sadly and frustrating, you are stuck with slimy wet mud. It's left behind dirt, gross hu!


  • Now don't get teary-eyed, but over time that dirt grows and sticks until you see dark grout lines.


  • Even the cleaner you use slowly attracts dirt because it leaves an unseen sticky, scummy residue. 


  • It's endless! Tedious dirt! When you walk on your tile it grinds the dirt in. When you mop it, it grinds the dirt into your grout lines. Scream if you want!


  • It's gross to even think about!  What you see is dirt, rotten food, mold growth, bacteria, nasties, and creepy tiny dust bugs in your dark grout lines.


  • It's because of mopping that limits you and makes beautiful grout, dark and simply gross. 


  • EPA research proves chemicals and dust nasties triggers allergies and makes your homes air 2x to 5x more polluted than outdoors.  

Would You Like To Make Your Tile & Grout Look New? 

Discover Your New Generation Organic Tile & Grout Cleaning.

Enjoy King Organic Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • We, King Organic, scrub, sanitize & disinfect all your surfaces and can provide long-term protection from spills, & staining.  


  • The King Organic Clean® system has the new generation technology to get your surfaces bright, vibrant, revived and renewed to its original beauty. 


  • 97 % of our clients Feel Instant allergy and asthma relief because it's 100% Organic, with no chemicals and zero residue left behind to attract dirt.

  • We make the task easy for you. Our powerful new generation technology unbelievably scrubs and disinfects for you. 

  • Research proves that 100% Organic cleaner is the safest for  kitcten surfaces, around your family and pets because 100% organic cleaner is 100% safer than any "green" or chemical cleaning.


  • Remember that your Organic tile and grout cleaning is allergy-safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, has no perfume, no fragrance, is salt & plant-based.


  • Rid your tile and grout of dark lines.


  • Destroy and kill the allergy triggers & protect your tile & grout surfaces against bacteria, micro pathogens, & harmful germs that may make you sick.


  • Save yourself time, enjoy cleaning less, your tile, grout surfaces stay cleaner longer because of its zero residue.


  • Because it's clean you'll breathe easier, enjoy clean air and live in a healthier environment.  Let the baby crawl!


Now relax and enjoy your surfaces that are renewed and look beautiful. 

Premium Tile Cleaning 

A new level of technology to clean the tile and grout in your home. Our intensive cleaning uses a heated vapor solution to deep clean and restores even the toughest floors. Our High-Pressure Extraction System is able to focus on individual grout lines to restore your floor's brilliance

and luster. This state of the art cleaning system uses a combination of intense heat and high-pressure extraction to remove even the toughest buildup. Superior technology ensures the best results possible.

Amazing Improvement

King Organic did an amazing job. My home smelled so good. I had them clean my wood floors, my bathroom tile, and my bedroom carpet. Everything was brighter. My tile, in particular, was just beautiful.  Very Happy 5 stars!!!!!

Laura C / Monument, Colorado


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