I'm Shane. I am one of your specialized experts. You will be excited that in all my 26 years in the cleaning industry I have removed spills and spots like Ink and red wine that are hard to get out. I can't guarantee every spot but I do my best.  Just by seeing your carpet I usually can tell how well your results will be.

In 2006 I was in a very serious accident. I choose the alternative method to heal my body and went organic. Eating an organic diet, using only organic shampoos and cleaners.


Unable to work, I had free time to study.  I was Shocked by the serious consequences and awakened to the dangers of chemicals. I researched how chemicals destroy your cells and slow healing.  I studied how chemicals cause cancer and weaken your immune systems.


It's important to know, chemicals off-gas in a bottle on the store shelf or being sprayed in your home causes allergies and cancer.  It is alarming to know how your carpet and flooring off-gas in your home and how the air in your home is causing dangerous health issues including cancer.


I started experimenting on my own carpet and home. Trying different products and natural ingredients.

In 2008 King Organic started.  I am proud that we are 100% Organic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. We clean in your area and service the South Denver Area all the way to Colorado Springs.


We are a small family-owned, local business. We are able to work directly with your concerns. I am usually the one that comes to your home and cleans for you. I care about your health and your families health.  


Thank you for your referrals. Please like, share, and send us your testimonial.    

Knowing what I know now about chemical use, I enjoy helping you remove the chemicals from your home. 


Shane & Rachel
Your husband and wife team in the cleaning



"Great Cleaning. Will Never Use Anyone Else"
Clare T. /Centennial, Co./ 5 stars


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