Discover The  Beauty of Organic Hard Floor Cleaning

Laminate/ Wood/ Vinyl

Enjoy renewed hard floor surfaces with innovative technology and long-term protection with the new, highest level Organic® cleaning process and exclusive, Organic, #1 safest, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, cleaning agents. The King Organic® process:


  • We, King Organic, use innovative technology to scrub, flush, rinse, suck and instantly dry your hard floors, for you to let the baby crawl or pets walk on immediately.

  • Even if you just mopped, it's shocking to see the outcome of black, dirty water after your thorough King Organic floor cleaning.


  • Enjoy the glow of your beautiful, revived, renewed floors.


  • Protect your hard floors finish from longterm damage and premature aging.


  • Clean less often because it reduces your cleaning frequency and surfaces stay clean longer.


  • Keep your surfaces looking new. Maintaining every 6 - 12 months keeps the finish looking beautiful longer.

Feel the Difference, See the Difference

Your New Highest level, Organic Hard Floor Cleaning System

The Complete breakdown Of 

  • Using no chemicals and 10X safer than "green" helps pets and kids smallest immune systems stay strong. Let the baby crawl! 


  • Helps avoid allergic reactions because we clean your floor with #1 safest, hypoallergenic, non-toxic "Organic" cleaning agents. 


  • Enjoy breathing easy, feel allergy relief because your premium organic hard floor cleaning destroys deep fuzzy mold and icky, dusty dirt, and kills creepy dust bugs that may cause you allergies and sick days.  


  • Protects your homes hard surfaces and air against icky bacteria, tiny pathogens, and harmful unseen germs.


  • Stay healthy because it creates a healthier living environment for you, your family, and pets.

Discover the real reason Why a mop can't restore the beauty of your hard floor to its original luster

  • We hate to break the news to you but mopping your hard floor surface with traditional cleaning products including microfiber, just spreads the icky dirt around your hard floor surface.  


  • Even the cleaner you use leaves an unseen residue or film that helps attract dirt.


  • Imagine only removing 58% of the dirt. You only remove the dirt that sticks to your mop. 


  • Over time the gritty dirt that is left behind leaves tiny scratches on your floor.


  • How frustrating that over time your finish dulls out, the shine vanishes, deep scratches happen because a mop only works so well. 

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My Laminate Floors Look New

I had my wood floors cleaned by King Organic. I was shocked by the amount of dirt they removed.  A mop just doesn't cut it. I am sold.  Excellent Results, shiny floor and look new like the day I bought them.
Alyna D, Castle Rock Colorado   




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