When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?
Every year, the average home collects up to 40 lbs of dirt, dust, and allergens in its air ducts. And, every time you use your heat or air conditioning these pollutants are circulated throughout your home, aggravating respiratory conditions like asthma. This is why it’s important to invest in a professional air duct cleaning service.

At Stanley Steemer, we use a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean air ducts and vents. This vacuum flushes all traces of dirt and dust out of your air ducts, removing them from your home.

Some of the reasons are:
Dirt and debris may collect in your ventilation system blocking ductwork and key components of the furnace, including the evaporator coil and blower.
Build-up of these contaminants in the system can restrict airflow causing it to work harder and longer, thus expending more energy.
By cleaning the entire HVAC system, you may see an increase in the energy efficiency of your system, which in some cases translates to lower utility bills. These cleanings may also extend the life of your furnace or air conditioning system by reducing wear and tear.

Discover The Difference of Organic Air Duct Cleaning

Do you know scientific research from the Environment Protection Agency says, the quality of air inside your home can be 2X to 5X more polluted than your air outside?

  • Enjoy Fresh, Clean, Shiny Air Ducts & vents.


  • Breathe easier, feel healthy, and enjoy clean air now. 

  • Avoid sick days: Don't miss work or school. Feel healthier and so will your kids.


  • Why let your dirty air ducts spread sickly germs around your home or office? 


  • Air Duct cleaning helps protect your family from air born pathogens that can create health issues.


Do you have allergies or asthma pay attention: 


  • Imagine your sticky, gunky vents and furnace accumulating up to 40 lbs of "nasties" every year. Every time you run the heat & Air conditioning, the "nasties" pollute your indoor air quality. circulate back into the air you are breathing.  No wonder you feel stuff!


  • We thoroughly clean, suck, flush and scrub out those nasty dirty vents that blow germs, icky dust particles, pet dander, blown in pollen, and gritty dirt into your air you breathe.  Enjoy breathing freely once again.

  • . Your #1 safest, 100% organic cleaning removes your allergy triggers.  No more icky dirt, pollen, pet dander or creepy crawly dust bugs crawling in your vents.   

Make 2019 the most memorable ever & enjoy your summer with Organic Air Duct Cleaning 

You get the new generation technology, Zero residue, 100%  Safe, 100% organic, hypoallergenic, no perfumes, no fragrances, & no chemicals. 


  • Feel Allergy Relief, Feel asthma relief. Breathe Easier, Now that over 40 pounds of accumulated vent dirt been removed.


  • 97% of our clients feel instant indoor air improvement. 


  • According to new research, many cleaning and personal care products contain chemicals including "Green", is linked to asthma or hormone disruption.


  • You get the new generation technology, 100% Safe, 100% organic, hypoallergenic, no perfumes, no fragrance, & no chemical air duct cleaning.


  • Because your Vents and Air ducts are scrubbed, and thoroughly organically cleaned with no trigger allergy chemicals you feel the difference.


  • Your air stays clean longer because we use a new generation proprietary zero residue cleaner, that leaves NO sticky unseen film that attracts dirt in your vents.



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