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You Get Great Results Because...

1) You get the power vac.™ ​because your carpet holds an average of 1 pound of dirt per sq. ft.

  • Our HEPA filtered powerful vacuum, powerfully sucks and removes the dry deep embedded gritty, dirt out of your carpet.

  • This valuable step is extremely important. It removes 42% more dirt than if you didn't power vac.™

  • If this step is not performed, your cleaning will only remove 58% of the dirt.

  • We, King Organic execute this amazing step because most home vacuums don't have the suction power to remove the dirt.

  • This step helps kick off your ultimate clean.


2) You get our 100% safe, 100% organic™ cleaning solution.

  • Because it is 100% organic it has no chemicals, it's hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and is toxin Free or non-toxic.

  • Our Exclusive organic blend is salt and plant-based. It is a proprietary blend that is exclusive, just for you.

  •  Tested 100% Safe and scientifically proven.  

  • This solution breaks down the gritty dirt and remaining sticky oils instantly.


3) You get our specialty tool called The CRB Scrub.™ 

  • The CRB Scrub agitates, lifts, fluffs, and renews your flooring.

  • The brush dislodges and removes any stubborn oils, trapped hair, dead skin, deeply embedded remaining gritty dirt, and hairy creepy dust bugs from your grout, rugs, and carpet without harming the fine fibers. 


4) You get the KO Tool.

  • The KO Tool™ uses a remarkable 150 V-spray to rinse your carpet, tile, and grout lines, completely.

  • This incredible tool flushes all the icky "NASTIES" out of your grout lines, tile, hard floor, rugs, and carpet, without over-wetting or flooding your floor, especially your carpet.


5)You get the expertise of experts, not technicians.  

  • Specialized experts of 25 years, clean your valuable fabrics, surfaces, and flooring.  Other companies may have as little as 3 weeks of training before being launched out on their own.  


 Your Surfaces Dry Faster

Enjoy getting back to normal life quickly.


Sleep on a clean bed tonight. Your carpets, furniture, and rugs, dry as fast as 1-2 hours.


We don't flood your carpet. It is not wet for days.


You can use your carpet, furniture, hard floors, tile, almost immediately.

Your Surfaces Stay Clean Longer

No soaps, No shampoos, No Chemicals  No Detergents Are used In Your Cleaning.
100% Organic Means:
You Enjoy Clean Tile, Hard Floors, Air Ducts, Carpet, And Surfaces Stay Clean Longer.
  • We don't use soap, shampoo, detergents & chemicals because they leave unseen residue in the carpet and surfaces, which actually attracts MORE dirt and oils - bringing back stains later and quicker.

  • The residue is that "sticky" crunchy feeling under your bare feet even after you've shampooed.

  • Say Bye, Bye to the crunchy, sticky, carpet.


  • Because we don't use chemicals your surfaces stay cleaner long because no chemical residues are left behind to attract dirt. 

  • Your new generation organic cleaning system allows your surfaces to be cleaned without the use of any sticky detergents or soapy suds, or any gummy chemicals.

  • Because NO soap lingers or unseen film is left behind, nothing attracts dirt. Nothing is left behind to make your floors feel sticky or crunchy.  This means your carpet stays clean longer, and your carpet, rugs, & furniture feel amazingly soft.   

No Chemicals Means 100% Healthy, 100% Safe for Your Family & Pets  

  • Cleaning with chemicals negatively reacts to your body's natural defense system.


  •  Organic is 100% Cleaner: Your organic cleaning gets you, the new generation technology, proven, successful, extraordinary results!

  • 97% of our clients feel instant indoor allergy relief.  
  • 100% Safe and 100% safer than chemicals or "green" carpet cleaners.
  • Scientific studies prove organic is the best way to naturally destroy the nasty allergens, scuzzy bacteria, icky germs, hairy mold, creepy dust mites that may cause indoor air sickness in your home. 
  • Imagine renewing your flooring and furniture to its original beauty & enjoying the fresh scent of clean(it's possible)!


  • Enjoy the 100% safe, proven and tested, 100% organic, new generation, empowered system, that thoroughly cleans your home.


  • Your home is safe for babies, especially safe to bring home NICU babies with the smallest immune systems. if you are pregnant, or you are fighting cancer or your immune system is weak.


  • You will feel the organic difference! You will See the organic difference! 

"I had King Organic clean my home. They cleaned my filthy carpet and it looks awesome. They were able to remove the pop spills. The traffic areas look great. They spent a lot of time, much more than other carpet cleaners I've used. The results are amazing!"

Kaela K. / Google 5 stars​


         From the #1 cleaning system for homeowners, The #1 in the nation in independent carpet industries, #1 safest products, 25 years of best-selling, exceptional results, and award-winning service, your King Organic Clean.   

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Safest Cleaning For your Babies, Kids, & Pets

The Average Indoor carpet is 4000X dirtier than a toilet seat.

1 pound of soil can easily hide in a square foot of carpeting. While that's gross enough, the real problem is that those flakes become dinner for dust mites, and dust mite waste is one of the most common causes of indoor allergies.


The Solution: Clean your carpets 2 X a year.  Vacuum every day or at least 4x a week. Keep your carpet dry because dust mites double in size and multiply when the humidity is high.

Indeed, microbiology research published in 2001 found an average indoor carpet to be about 4,000 X dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch,


Men's Health report states: It is so important that your cleaning flushes, sucks, disinfects, & sanitizes.


Our ultimate 5 step process that we provide is the best way to clean.

Not Just Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Are Dangerous! 

Are you keeping your kids & pets safe?

Knowing the difference could change your life.

Discover The Shocking, Hidden, Truth Behind What Is Secretly Making Your Family Sick, even your pets.

  • Scientific research from the CDC now proves that cleaning your tile, hard floor, mattress, furniture, rugs, pet spots, air ducts, and carpets with chemicals puts your family's health at risk.
  • The CDC states that tile, grout, hard floor, pet spot, mattress, surface, and carpet cleaning chemical ingredients cause cancer, asthma, and other health problems! 
  • Factual proof from EPA research states, your home may be 2X to 5X more toxic than outdoors because of chemical cleaners.
  • Finally, thousands are ditching these toxic, dangerous, chemicals and switching to the safest cleaning method, organic.  What are you waiting for...................

Why would you want to miss out on a cleaning this Amazing? (Actual King Organic client picture)

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It is a fact: We cherish the ground you walk on.  


Hi, I'm Shane 

I was in a horrific accident about 10 years ago.  It drastically changed my outlook on life. I was forced to improve and went organic. Knowing what I know now about chemical use, I enjoy helping you remove the chemicals from your home.  You get us the experts, not technicians.

Fantastic Cleaning

“This was the best cleaning I have ever had. My home smells great again. King Organic did a great job. I usually have to leave my home when other companies have cleaned my home. This time I stayed in my home and worked.  No allergy issues. So glad I hired King Organic.  Great Cleaning." 

Devin J / Parker, Colorado/ 5 stars

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Disclaimer: Cleaning results may vary because carpet fabrics, furniture fabrics, and surfaces all clean differently.

Our service includes treating for all spots and spills that have not dyed the fibers of your carpet, furniture, or flooring. Red dye stains and pet stains are examples of stains that can dye or discolor carpets permanently.  Including dye stains, bleach stains or pet urine stains. We can't guarantee spots and spills because it depends on many factors. What type of flooring you have, what was actually spilled, What strains of dying colors are in the spots or spills like Red40, Was the spill hot or cold, Was the spill or spot acidic, How old is your flooring, and has your flooring been neglected?  Fine dirt slowly destroys any surface with years of not being cleaned or taken care of. 

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