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Your Cleaning helps Comfort Families in Your Community.

  • Always Mine comforts families who are dealing with the devastating heartache of the death of their child or baby and the financial burden of funeral costs.

  • Always Mine compassionately helps lift the financial stress and helps fund the expensive and unexpected cost of burial or cremation when a baby or child dies suddenly. 

  • Always Mine also turns your donated wedding dress into precious angel gowns. 

  • Always Mine arranges meals and comfort boxes to grieving families

  • Always Mine gives support and love to make sure the child is never forgotten.

You Make A Difference When You Join With Us King Organic Give's

  1. You Feel GREAT in your fresh clean home using King Organic Clean. 
  2. You feel GREAT knowing that a portion of your cleaning helps comfort families who have just experienced the devastating death of their child or baby.
  3. You are giving back to local families who are in need of comfort, support, and love.  

Thank You

If you have suffered the death of a loved one, We, at King Organic want you to know we are truly sorry for your loss. Our hearts cry with you. We light a candle to honor and remember your loved one.


To all our clients and customers, Thank You for helping us show love and our united support to families who are suffering. We thank you for generously giving. Together we help local and community families with Always Mine.

Learn How You Donate with King Organic Give 

You Join with us when you fresh clean your air ducts, tile, carpet, mattresses, couches, chairs, rugs, upholstery, and hard floors. We donate a portion of your total cleaning to Always Mine. If you would like to add or give more you are welcome too. Please let us know if you would like to donate more to your total cleaning.  If you would like to volunteer or give in other ways you can email  

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