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Hello, A Bit About Us

Welcome to King Organic Clean and Thank You for choosing our 10X organic cleaning system.  We are a local, small business. We measure our success by the quality of our work not the number of jobs completed in a day. We know you will Feel and See the Difference between our cleanings as you live your life. Enjoy your King Organic Clean. 

Our Story

Our cleaning business wasn't always organic. For nearly a decade, we used chemical-laden cleaners every day. But then I read an article that changed everything. I learned that carpet cleaners were getting cancer from the very chemicals I was using. The implications for my clients' health and my own future with continued chemical exposure were alarming:

- Was I risking my clients' health?

- What about my own health?


This revelation led to a turning point, motivating us to change our approach to cleaning and go organic.

We restructured everything and abandoned synthetic & all chemicals completely.


As you walk down any store cleaning section the smell of chemicals is overpowering. Sadly, these same chemicals that are meant to clean can also make us very sick. I know this because they made me ill. Exposure of any cleaning chemical has serious health consequences, which is why we take genuine concern for your well-being. We care about your health, the quality of your indoor air, and the safety of your children and pets. In response to the dangers of exposure, we offer you an exclusive cleaning experience that's 100% organic.


At King Organic Clean, we pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary quality, ensuring we remove deep-down dirt from your surfaces. Our mission is to leave you thrilled with your cleaning, not just "satisfied" or "okay" with the results. Thanks to our organic cleaning system, we can promise to remove spots and spills forever. Our process is truly unique, and we take great pride in delivering amazing results that keep our customers coming back. 


We don't cut corners, so don't settle for mediocre results. When you work with us, you can trust that we'll provide you with long-lasting clean, like no other.

Contact Us

Let's connect, Let's work together. Let's Schedule your cleaning now. 


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